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So You're At My Journal Huh?

Ok, ok, so this isn't really considered my journal. You'll know that if you looked over at my introduction.

This is a resource site for you. Credits are almost always required. So don't forget to link back here.

I do not like answering the same questions over and over again. So this post contains FAQ's.

Do NOT request layouts, or any other type of graphic for that matter.

You can invite me to your communities, but I am rather picky with where I join. But you are more than welcomed to be my friend, and view any private posts I place here. Just add me, and I'll add you.

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Lauren "Cinemachickette"

Mass Of Icons

Wow, haven't heard from me since April! I'm back again, hopefully to stay..yes hopefully. I have many sites to manage and don't have much time for LJ anymore. I don't know exactly what I'll do with this journal yet, but I am posting a mass of icons tonight. And about three wallpapers I believe. They're all under the cut.

Okay, I was looking back over my older entries, and my second entry ever on this journal absolutely CRACKS ME UP! What in the world? I used like every big word I know! "I'm rather fond of my evening tonight. Peaceful, relaxing, encouraging, thoughts of the future prevading. Slightly perky, not snarky as usual. Thinking on making this journal friends only, but will probably leave graphics open to all viewers. Feeling rather enveloped in bright light right now, "bright light right", quite a string of words we have there. Hehe. I am currently looking for caffiene as a nourishment supplement since I excluded dinner from my menu tonight. I am off to bed most likely. Might create some icon bases first. *yawn* "

I'd say it's more than appropriate to state that I've adopted a slightly new style for my icons.

The Teasers

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Vegans, Photos, & Demi?

Vegans & Such

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Oscar-winning actress, 33, lives on a macrobiotic diet of wholegrains, vegetables, beans, seaweed and soya. A lover of new-age treatments, she is married to the Coldplay singer, Chris Martin. Her daughter, Apple, had a vegan first birthday party last year with food and chocolate cheesecake from Moby's café, Teany. "I would rather die than let my kid eat instant soup," she says. She has admitted that people do not see her and her husband as the epitome of rock'n'roll. "There is this perception of us in this country like, 'Oh, they're quite boring, they do yoga and stay home,'" she said.

Alicia Silverstone

The actress, 29, who had an organic wedding with Christopher Jarecki, was voted the world's sexiest female vegetarian in 2004. She says it is the best thing she has done in her life: "My body just got so healthy and skinny, and my skin became so radiant, that I started looking fabulous anyway." Last year, the actress, who starred in Clueless and Love's Labour's Lost, suggested that she would like to take her vegan lifestyle one step further: "I'd love to raise a family on a farm and grow my own food, and grow my hair down to my ankles and be a kind of punk-rock hippy."

Demi Moore Pregnant?

Star magazine thinks she's preggers!

"Demi & Ashton's Miracle Baby," proclaims this week's latest issue.

According to the tab, on March 9, Demi made her third trip in one month to Petit Tresor, an upscale baby store in L.A.

The store locked its door so that Demi could shop in private.

She was particularly interested in changing tables and an armoire. "She was curious about delivery times for the furniture and about the colors and finishes," a source tells Bon Bon Fuller & Co.

Demi was overheard telling her shopping companion, a women in her 60's sporting a Kabbalah bracelet, "I like this for the baby," the source adds.

She also mentioned her hubby. She said, "I wonder if Ashton would like this." When Demi was told that it would take 8-12 weeks for the pieces to be delivered, "She said she wanted it sooner," says the source.

Brokeback Offscreen

Hmm ... Heath and Joaquin? It's not impossible huh? Also Reese ...

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Kate Winslet Shame

She's certainly no English rose - or shrinking violet either.
With flame-red hair, tiny skirt and shocking-pink bra, this is Kate Winslet in one of the less demure roles of her career.

The 30-year-old Titanic star renowned for her wholesome image underwent the transformation for her latest movie, Romance And Cigarettes.

In it she plays Tula, a working-class seductress who has a sordid affair with a married man, played by Sopranos star James Gandolfini.

Tarty outfits
Miss Winslet is seen wearing an array of tarty outfits - and spends the majority of the film's 115 minutes strutting around in a pair of four-inch-heeled, fuchsia PVC stilettoes.

In fact the only time she does not expose vast expanses of flesh is when her character "covers up" with the help of a fluorescent pink feather-boa-rimmed jacket.

Although the actress, who is married to Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes, is happy to reveal her natural self, the publicity posters for Romance and Cigarettes feature a digitally-altered Miss Winslet.

The mother-of-two's shapely legs - seen as they really are in the film - were dramatically slimmed for the publicity shots, while her impressive cleavage was also reduced.

Romance And Cigarettes is released in the UK on March 24.

Ok ... isn't Romance & Cigarettes vaguely close to Coffee & Cigarettes. Can Winslet ever find another good role for herself? Hmm ... we think not!
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15 Diane Kruger Icons & Wall

15 Diane Kruger icons, and a wallpaper too. Whatcha think? I tried a couple of new things. I'm having so much fun. Making some textures now too.

I can't wait for Diane's next movie, she is the cutest German chick ever. *hugs all*


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Long Time No See

Wow ... it has been ... awhile .. since my last post. I haven't been too active on the internet lately, the only things I've been creating are layouts for other people. My websites are SO lacking, holy crap. But I've been sick for almost a week, and I mean really sick too. But ... now that I'm better I'm feeling more inspired. So I got on LJ created a new layout and am posting again! I am going to reopen and I'm giving my Folio and Design Site new layouts! Also .. eh, nevermind that can be a surprise. *hugs flist* <3
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Ratings & Wallpapers

I have to rant on film ratings for a minute. So cut me a break here. You can skip the text and hit the graphics if you want.

What exactly is Rated R? Restricted-Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian (age varies in some locations). This signifies that the rating board has concluded that the film rated contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their children to see it. An R may be assigned due to, among other things, a film's use of language, theme, violence, sex or its portrayal of drug use..

Ok, with that said I just have to know something. Why can adults view things that children cannot. Ok, ok. Obviously enough. Sex. Drugs. Violence. Language. What ten-year-old needs to be exposed to that? 'Nuff said. But still. If there's a limit to what you can watch, if people are really watching this much explicitly why is it even there. If children are not legible to watch it, then do adults really have any business watching it? I'm not trying to say, let everyone watch Rated R films! No, no, no. I'm not trying to bash, or bring down Rated R films. I own many myself... even though I'm not 17. My point being is, there's a certain age that you come to where it doesn't quite seem appropriate that your mother can watch a graphic sex scene, and you are prohibited from seeing it. Again I'm not saying you WANT to watch a graphic sex scene, but do you see where I'm going with this?

Something being Rated R really doesn't rate the movie to many peoples' standards. How many of you have seen Red Eye? Ok, well when Cillian is stabbed by Rachel in the neck, that part was edited down a TON just so that the WHOLE movie could remain PG-13. They know that audiences are heightened when the rating is PG-13, as all of the teens are ALLOWED to view these movies. But anything Rated R is restricted .. again, *sigh*.

I don't think the boundary is even that far from PG-13 to R. I don't think that it is that much different. The f-cking in PG-13 movies is becoming more abundant in these latter years, the sexually related indicia .. scenes .. discussions, etc., are becoming more and more vivid, the violence is hitting a sickening level with a splash of horror. Movies that I would not want to have nightmares about are attaining that PG-13 rating. Is R really a problem for us "almost-but-not-quite-seventeen-year-olds"?

Someday the world will be made right and whole. And all movies will be appropriate and for viewing of all ages.

The Wallpapers
[3] Cillian Murphy
[1] Angelina Jolie
[1] Evangeline Lily

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