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23 January
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Who am I? I am Lauren, I am sixteen, I'm an American with German and English heritage. I have a job. And I'm a webdesigner on the side. I would say I'm more than obsessed with movies, I am addicted. I keep a list of all my DVD's here.

At this journal I provide:

-1 Icons

-2 Headers (FO included)

-3 Layouts (free + paid users)

-4 Stock Images

-5 Images, Captures, Scans

-6 Brushes (PSP 8 + Image Stamps)

-7 Icon Bases

-8 Textures + Icon Textures

-9 Important News/Information

-10 Tutorials

-11 The Occasional Journal Entry

-12 Song Lyrics + Poetry

-13 Wallpapers

-14 Mood Themes

-15 Mp3's + Free Music

-16 Celebrity News & Gossip

Where'd I get some images, textures, brushes, etc.? Almost all of my LJ resources are the communities I am apart of, that are all linked below. Other than that the websites I use are as follows:


Sweet + Talented

Idol Pleasures.com

Getty Images


Top five favorites of each.

Actresses - Cate Blanchett. Rachel McAdams. Jennifer Garner. Kirsten Dunst. Gwyneth Paltrow. Charlize Theron. Ellen Pomepo. Keira Knightley. Famke Janssen. Angelina Jolie.

Actors - Cillian Murphy. Matt Damon. Michael Vartan. Ryan Phillipe. Hugo Weaving. Joseph Fiennes. Adrien Brody. Clive Owen. Matthew Mcfadyen.

Movies - Pride & Prejudice. Beyond Borders. The Notebook. V For Vendetta. Shakespeare In Love. Phantom of the Opera. The Pianist.

Models - Gisele Bundchen. Gemma Ward. Karolina Kerkova. Isabeli Fontana. Karen Elson.

Music - Gwen Stefani. Lifehouse. Fergie. The White Stripes. Dido. Natasha Bedingfield.

Novels - Pride & Prejudice. Eragon. Left Behind (series). Blood Moon Rising.

Television - LOST. Alias. The Office. 24. Grey's Anatomy.

To view a list of all my current sites, please visit my collective.


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